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The Sir Colin Campbell Building


The important role that the University of Nottingham’s former Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Colin Campbell played in the establishment of UNNC is acknowledged by his name being lent to our campus Sports Centre.

A sometimes outspoken figure, Sir Colin spent most of his career working in UK higher education. A law graduate from The University of Aberdeen, he went on to hold academic positions at the Universities of Dundee and Edinburgh before becoming Dean of the Law Faculty at Queen's University of Belfast.

Campbell also became a member of the Commission on Human Rights for Northern Ireland and the Mental Health Legislation Review Committee. He went on to chair numerous legal inquiries in the Province.

In 1988, Sir Colin became the youngest Vice-Chancellor in the UK when he was appointed to the University of Nottingham’s leading position at the age of 43. Over the next few decades, he also served on many independent committees and advisory bodies, including the Human Genetics Advisory Committee and the UK Food Council.

In 1998, Campbell’s position on the Higher Education Funding Council was thrown into sharp focus when he called for the effective privatisation of universities – an extremely controversial issue to this day.

In 2004, Sir Colin was named Honorary Citizen of Ningbo, in recognition of the crucial role he played in the establishment of UNNC – the very first foreign university campus in China.

When Sir Colin finally stepped down from the top job at the University of Nottingham in 2008, the Sunday Times newspaper compared him to one of Britain’s greatest ever football managers, claiming that he was “the Alex Ferguson of Vice Chancellors”.

Posted on 9 December 2016