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Abdullah Almiqasbi: Road to Schwarzman

Abdullah Almiqasbi, a 22 year old Libyan student at UNNC, is one of the 2016 recipients of the prestigious Schwarzman scholarship. The programme brings together elite scholars from around the world aiming at building links between China and the rest of the world. A total 137 scholars were taken on for a fully sponsored one year’s master program at the prestigious Tsinghua University.

Abdullah can be defined as a highly exemplary, inspiring and motivated student widely admired by many within and out of the school. Harbouring interests in a career of diplomacy, he served at UNNC as president of the Students Union from 2015. Also being the first foreign student to take up this office, he played a tremendous role in Chinese and international student integration tackling both academic and non-academic issues.

Even before his admission to UNNC in 2013, he was deeply interested and involved in matters of external relations owing to his personal belief that communication between societies claiming different social-cultural traditions is key to increasing stability in a complex and ever changing global environment. He thus took on a major in International Business and Communications to further explore the field.

His interests and career choice could be attributed to his personal, social and academic history and experiences especially in his country.

In 2011, Libya plunged into civil unrest that greatly affected the country’s economic social and political environment as well as hampering its diplomatic relations. In this regard, he dreams of contributing to the restoration of growth, prosperity and peace in his country through fostering better relations.

Chosen scholars for this prestigious programme are picked on basis of not only academic excellence and intellectual capacities but also leadership and entrepreneurial potential. They are also students identified to have exemplary character and intercultural skills.

Such is the advantage Abdullah held and during his  time at UNNC he proved to not only be academically sound but also a great and inspirational leader as seen by his role at the Students Union and other school activities as well as his volunteering work.

Abdullah ALMIQASBI; Road to Schwarzman2

His impressive CV also displays participation in a series of internships in Ningbo and across China, the majority being along the lines of trade and communication. Thanks to these opportunities, he was able to amass the necessary entrepreneurial and intercultural skills and abilities largely considered to have paved his way for a successful application.

It is Abdullah’s belief that he is a lot closer to achieving his objective of fostering better communication for his country Libya between China and the general international community which could in turn contribute to its economic rebirth.


Posted on 30 December 2016