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Cost of living in Ningbo 


The cost of living in Ningbo is much cheaper than in many cities in the world. The cost of living in Ningbo for a single international student is estimated at 2500-3500 RMB per month including accommodation, meals, entertainment and other necessities depending on life style.

Typical living cost for an international student

Accommodation fee per year

(Building 18/Building 11)

9600/12000 RMB

Deposit of the facilities 1000 RMB
Book fee per year 2500 RMB
Pre-paid water and electricity fee 200 RMB
Insurance per year 600 RMB

Deposit for the dormitory
gate access card ( cash only)

200 RMB
Health check fee (cash only) 535 RMB

Residenc permit fee (cash only)
(0.5-1 year/1-3 years/3-5 years)

400/800/1000 RMB
Food per month 600-1500 RMB
Entertainment per month 800-1000 RMB
Electricity/water/phone/public transport per month 150-200 RMB

 • Deposit will be refunded before student leave if there is no damage occur on the facilities in your room

• Actual amount of books fee will be calculated and settled before you leave

Cost for individual items
 MacDonald's Combo meal  30 RMB
 Movie tickets  30-80 RMB
 Take-away pizza  30-50 RMB
 Milk per liter  10 RMB
 Coca Cola per can  2.5-5 RMB
 Coffee, cappuccino or latte  18-30 RMB
 Meal at food court (per person)  10-20 RMB
Meal at restaurant (per person)
 30-100 RMB
 Local calls made from a public
telephone (per minute)
 0.3 RMB
 Local calls made from a
cell-phone (per minute)
 0.3-0.6 RMB
 Bus fare per trip  1-2 RMB
 Taxi - 3 km ride  12 RMB
 Haircut  30-50 RMB
 Visit to doctor  50-200 RMB