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International Exchange programme

The Exchange Programme is designed for undergraduate students from our partner universities worldwide who wish to spend a period of time studying at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China, earning credits to transfer back to their home university.

Modules are available across most disciplines and are part of the regular undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum, enabling international exchange students to study alongside China-based home students.

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 International Exchange


Language of instruction

All undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Ningbo are conducted entirely in English with the same teaching and evaluation standards as at Nottingham UK by staff either seconded from Nottingham UK or appointed internationally to the University of Nottingham standards

Tuition fees

International Exchange students are exempt from paying any tuition fees to The University of Nottingham ningbo, China, provided that they have been formally nominated to study at The University of Nottingham by their home university.


All exchange & study abroad students are guaranteed university accommodation for the duration of their study period, provided that applications are returned by the deadline stated in their offer letter. For more detail please see "accommodation".


The International Office and students affairs office provides a focal point for all international students and there is a dedicated Co-ordinator for Exchange students. Each academic School also has a designated Exchange Co-ordinator who provides advice on academic issues. For more detail please see  "supports"

How to apply

You must be nominated by your home university in order to take part in the International Exchange programme. You are advised to contact the International Office or equivalent at your home university who will be able to advise you on their application and selection process, as well as any internal deadlines. Your home university will then nominate you to the University of Nottingham ningbo, China by email.

Once you've been nominated to UNNC by your home campus, you will then receive an automatic email send from our IOMS (online system) with your username and password for online application ( )

Students will then need to fill in online form and upload relevant supporting documents including:

  • Your most recent academic transcript
  • copy of your passport
  • passport size photo
  • copy of your English language test result (if applicable)

Once we receive your online application, it may take at least 2-3 weeks for UNNC school's approval. You will receive an automatic email once your application has been approved and you can proceed next steps including accommodation application, payment of fees etc.

Special requirement from Architecture Department at UNNC:
Applicants are required to submit a bound portfolio of art/design work (no larger than A3, and between 10 and 30 pages). The portfolio need not be architectural in any way and may include drawings, painting, sculpture, photography, graphics, product design or any other work in visual design. (We will not be able to return the work to applicants, so please do not send originals.) The copies may be in any appropriate format (photographic, photocopy, digital printouts), but please make sure that they are of sufficiently high quality to do justice to your work. Letters of verification confirming that the portfolio is the applicant’s own work must accompany the portfolio. The letter should be on the School/ College headed paper and signed by a tutor.

Application deadline

The application deadline to UNNC is:

  • 31st May for September entry
  • 30th October for Spring entry.

Entry requirement

All applicants must be a current student at an overseas university or college of higher education and have completed at least one year of study at their home institution. Students apply for International Exchange programme must be nominated by their home university.

Applicants from non-English speaking countries must submit evidence of English language proficiency at the time of application. Our minimum entry requirements are

  • IELTS 6.5 with the writing band no less than 6.0 or
  • TOEFL (paper based) 575 + TWE no less than 4.5 or
  • TOEFL (computer based) 232 + TWE no less than 4.5 or
  • TOEFL (IBT) 88 (minimum 19 in any element) or
  • have passed 60 ECTS (European Credits) in English-taught courses

Choosing modules

UNNC offers a wide range of subjects for your period of study abroad, including business management, international communications, international studies, science and engineering, English studies etc.. Students need to fill in the learning agreement as part of your exchange or study abroad application. The Learning Agreement is a list of the modules you would like to study whilst you are at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China.

When completing the Learning Agreement, students are advised to follow the general guidelines below:

● Students should choose modules at the appropriate Level (Year) for their own degree program. For module details, please refer to the UNNC module catalogue:


Level ( UNNC Year)


(The third character of the module code indicates the module level )

Level 0 (UNNC Undergraduate Year 1)

H10FM1 Foundation Mechanics

Level 1 (UNNC Undergraduate Year 2)

CS1811 Japanese 1A

Level 2 (UNNC Undergraduate Year 3)

P12406 Quantitative Methods 2A

Level 3 (UNNC Undergraduate Year 4)

AS3001 China and the World

Level 4 (UNNC Postgraduate)

ES4141 World Englishes: East and South-East Asia


● Undergraduate exchange students are recommended to choose Level 2 modules.

● Undergraduate exchange students can choose other UG level modules (Level 0, Level 1 and Level 3), subject to having satisfied any prerequisite requirements, the enrollment quota and the approval of their home university/school.

● Postgraduate exchange students are recommended to choose Level 4 modules.

● The normal credit load is 60 Nottingham credits per semester (minimum 50 credits and maximum 70 credits per semester). The full credit load for a whole academic year is 120 credits.

● Please note that the module preferences do not constitute pre-registration. There is no guarantee that you will be able to take the modules based on your preferences due to potential timetable clash.

● Timetable clash is likely to occur when you choose modules across different schools and levels, for example, a level 2 Business school exchange student chooses a level 3 International Communication module). In the table below, you will be asked to specify whether or not a module is compulsory to your degree program. If yes, we will prioritize your compulsory module while avoiding timetable clash.

● Module registration takes place on your arrival at UNNC. Within the first two academic teaching weeks, you will be allowed to make further changes of your module choices upon the approval of your home university/school.

● For language modules please specify the language level (e.g. Spanish 2a). Students who choose Mandarin module will be asked to do an online placement test before arrival in order to place you at a suitable level of language module. For details, please contact Language Center via  

Credit system and course load

Students' intended course of study at UNNC must be approved by their home institution before they lodge in Study Abroad or International Exchange application to ensure smooth credit transfer.

Students are required to undertake a full time course of study for one or two semesters. Modules are normally worth 10-20 credits each. The average full time workload is 60 Nottingham credits (30 ECTS credits) in one semester and 120 credits (60 ECTS credits) over two semesters in one year. 50 credits is the minimum full-time workload in one semester

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