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Living off-campus

International Students have the right to choose to live off-campus, but must go through formal procedure to register with International Office. It is the students' own responsibility to find off-campus accommodation but the International Office will help to provide agent information for students.

Based on the "Regulation for University To Admit International Students" formulated by the Ministry of Public Security, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Education of the P.R.China, the following procedure has been established for international students who wish to live off- campus. Chinese law requires all international students to register with the local police station and report to the Public Security Bureau if they wish to live off-campus. To comply with the regulations the University has adopted the following registration procedure.

  1. You are required to sign a rental contract with the landlord for the property where you intend to live.
  2. Report to International Office to complete and submit a University Registration Form for International Students Living Off-Campus. You will also need to submit a copy of the rental contract to the International Office who will then stamp the University Registration Form.
  3. Within 24 hours of moving into your residence off campus you must take the stamped University Registration Form, your original passport and student ID with copies to the local police station where you will be living and complete a Registration Form of Temporary Residence. The police will give you a stamped receipt which you must keep safe. It is suggested that you go to the local police station with the landlord if possible.
  4. If you move off-campus from the University dormitory, you must show the stamped University Registration Form to reception before you leave.
  5. The above procedure must be followed again if you change your residence when living off-campus.

Please notes: You must be at lease 18 years old before you can live off-campus.

Please download and fill in the University Registration Form for International Students Living Off-Campus, then submit to International Office AB407.