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Seminar series



Seminar series


21 November Monday 4-5:30pm, AB209
Dr David H. Fleming: Unethical Morality in ‘Documenting’ Terrorism

16 November Wednesday 6-7:30pm, AB209
Dr. Stephen Andriano-Moore: Helping and Hindering: Impacts and Functions of Hollywood Trade Associations and Labor Unions on the Production Culture Of Hollywood Film Sound

9 November Wednesday 6-7:30pm, AB209
Dr Leanne Chang: Exploring Family Support for Older Chinese Singaporean Women in a Confucian Society

7 November Monday 4-5:30pm, AB209
Dr Paul Martin: Making meaning makers. The construction and negotiation of an interpretive community around the indy computer game Braid

31 October Monday 4-5:30pm, AB441
Dr. Nancy Liu: Framing Snowden’s Case through News Translation

26 October Wednesday 6-7:30pm, AB209
Dr. Shixin Ivy Zhang: Chinese War Correspondents (Book Launch)

17 October Monday 4-5:30pm, AB209
Dr. Bjarke Liboriussen: Regional Game Studies – with a Chinese example

12 October Wednesday 6-7:30pm, AB209
Dr. Jing Meng: Personalised and Fragmented Representations of the Cultural Revolution on Screen in Post-2001 China


Selection of past seminars

  • Dr William Brown (University of Roehampton)
    Non-cinema: digital, ethics, multitude

  • Gareth White (Games Lab Manager for Ubisoft Shanghai)
    Digital Games as Communication - An Industry Perspective

  • Dr Michael Griffiths (University of Wollongong)                                                                                                 
    The Pharmakon of Humanism in Black Atlantic Thought

  • Dr. James St. André (Chinese University of Hong Kong)                                                                                  
    Gu Hongming and the Construction of Chineseness in English

  • Professor Zhang Wei (Shantou University)                                                                                                      
    The Adventure of Australian Journalists in Modern China

  • Kathryn Cramer Brownell (Purdue University, USA)                                                                                      
    The Triumph of Showbiz Politics

  • Artist Marguerite Kahrl (USA)                                                                                                                          Savages, the story of Marguerite Kahrl's artistic practice and research

  • Professor Paul Gladston (University of Nottingham, UK)                                                                               Somewhere (and Nowhere) between Modernity and Tradition: Towards a polylogue between differing international and Indigenous perspectives on the significance of contemporary Chinese art

  • Matthias Uecker (University of Nottingham, UK)                                                                                      
    Organising the Public Sphere: Alexander Kluge’s Work as a Public Intellectual

  • Dr Olli Tapio Leino (City University of Hong Kong)                                                                                             
    New Playable Art: from Interactivity to Playability

  • Andrew Goffey (University of Nottingham United Kingdom)                                                                                Computation and Enjoyment: Addressing the problem of fun “in” software

  • Professor Gina Marchetti(Hong Kong University) [co-hosted with the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies]                   
    On Chinese Cinema Past and Present

  • Dr Thomas Barker (University of Nottingham Malaysia)                                                                                      From State Dominance to Pop Culture: Indonesian Film after the New Order

  • Matt Rudkin (University of Brighton)                                                                                                                Implications and Applications of ‘Flow theory’ forArts practice and pedagogy

  • Associate Professor Katrien Jacobs (Chinese University, Hong Kong)                                                                   Sexual Pleasures and Social Media in China

  • Dr Teresa Rizzo (University of Sydney)                                                                                                            
    The Immanent Ethics and Aesthetics of Morvern Callar - A Feminist Reading

  • Professor Michael Keane (Queensland University of Technology)                                                                         Making China a Creative (and Innovative) Nation by 2020: an Action Plan for Consideration

  • Dr Bjarke Liboriussen & Dr Paul Martin (UNNC)                                                 
    Game Studies: The Construction of a Field

  • Dr Melissa Brown (UNNC)                                                                               
    Being Human–testimony and Silence in Agamben's 'Remnants of Auschwitz

  • Dr Shixin Ivy Zhang (UNNC)                                                                        
    Impact of Globalisation on the Local Press in China: A case study of the Beijing Youth Daily

  • Dr Filippo Gilardi (UNNC)                                                                                
    I am Ironman!” I take control of my learning    
  • Dr Lily Yu (UNNC) and Annie Xia (UNNC) 
    Gender in Translating the Female Body: A Case in The Second Sex

  • Dr K. Cohen Tan (UNNC)                                                                                  
    The Philosophy of Emptiness: On Buddhist Two-Truths

  • Dr David H. Fleming (UNNC)                                                                         
    Cinema and/as Autism

  • Professor Adam Knee (UNNC)                                                                            
    Old Traumas and New Challenges: The Idiosyncratic Fall and Resurgence of Cambodian Feature Film Production

  • Dr Lili Hernandez (UNNC)                                                                                
    The Outsider as the Self: Social Harmony in Question