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Research Projects


1- Developing New Business Models for Content Creation in the Chinese Creative Indistires Research Group

The project will employ a team of researchers who will consider the global question of the creation of new online business models to investigate what type might be appropriate for generating revenue for creators of content in the respective Chinese industries in which they have particular expertise: music, journalism, ebooks, video games and film.

Contact Person: Dr Andrew White ( 

2- Microfilms Research Group

The research will investigate whether the development of specific transmedia marketing techniques could help artistic microfilms to produce profits and will inform filmmakers and businesses to better engage with the Chinese market.

Contact Person: Dr Filippo Gilardi (

3- Building a multimedia note-taking app

This research aims to explore student note-taking habits, especially in the context of more multimedia-intense content. As part of this, student note-taking habits have been observed and studied, and a software application is being developed which will both support student multimedia note-taking, and facilitate research into note-taking habits. An interesting aspect of this project has been the inclusion of undergraduate computer science students as software developers.

Contact Person: Dr Paul Martin (