University of Nottingham Ningbo China
Institute for Creative and Digital Cultures
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Director: Dr Filippo Gilardi

Deputy Director: Dr Shixin Ivy ZHANG


The Institute currently has three research clusters:

1. Culture and Texts Research Cluster

Members: Dr. Stephen Andriano-Moore, Dr. Melissa Brown, Dr. David H. Fleming, Dr. Filippo Gilardi, Dr. Celia Lam, Dr. Adam Knee, Dr. Annamaria Neag, Dr. K. Cohen Tan, Dr. Lily Yu.

  • Film Studies
  • Cultural Studies and Critical Theory
  • Creative Industries & Digital Literacy
  • Translating and Interpreting

2. Game Studies Research Cluster

Members: Dr. Bjarke Liboriussen and Dr. Paul Martin

The game studies cluster conducts both collaborative and individual research on a broad range of games-related topics, including representations of race and ethnicity, online player communities, and the development of new business models in the Chinese gaming industry. The cluster promotes humanities-based game studies in the Chinese-speaking world, for example, by contributing to the 2014 launch of the Chinese chapter of the Digital Games Research Association. The cluster’s research has recently been published in journals such as Games & Culture and Game Studies.

3. Journalism and Political Communication Research Cluster

Members:  Dr. Nancy Xiuzhi Liu, Dr. Jing Meng, Dr. Andrew White, Dr. Shixin Ivy Zhang, and PhD candidate Troy Chen

This research group addresses two broad themes: international journalism studies and political communication.  We aim to study the interplay and relationship between media and society, media and nation/state, as well as the public participation and empowerment in the democratic political process.  Study focuses include but not limited to the production, content, consumption and effect of digital and social media, business models of digital media, media and mediatization of wars/conflicts/crises,  trauma and post-trauma anxiety disorders,  and news translation.

Objectives of the Institute

To support emerging and established scholars, as well as post-graduate students, working in the area of creative and digital cultures

  • To manage the acquisition and possible distribution of funds to support academic research in the area of creative and digital cultures; 
  • To develop a range of dedicated resources to support academic research in the area of creative and digital cultures;
  • To support the progress of funded research by the Institute's members;
  • To establish an annual series of research seminars involving speakers from The University of Nottingham Ningbo China and other research institutions, as well as experts from outside the Academy;
  • To establish The University of Nottingham Ningbo China as a centre for national and international conferences relating to creative and digital cultures;
  • To develop and maintain inter-disciplinary research and collaborative links with other institutions and research centres.