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International Doctoral Innovation Centre
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Hongliang Sun

Digital Economy PhD Student , International Doctoral Innovation Centre 


MSc, University of Science and Technology China
BSc, Wuhan University




I am a second year PhD candidate of International Doctoral Innovation Centre, Ningbo China. I have some industry experience as a software engineer before being a PhD candidate.

Research interests

My research interests mainly concentrate on following subfields, social network analysis and visualisation. Social media eventually provides more opportunities for people to create, share and exchange information and ideas. Meanwhile virtual communities have formed and evolved over time. I am interested with the potential patterns under social phenomenon and how to analyse and visualise those patterns meaningfully. Effective visualisation tools enable people to gain insights of interested questions and make a decision from interactive exploration.

Current research project

“Visualisation of Multi-modal Longitudinal Complex Networks”, entitled as my PhD project, is co-supervised by Dr. Eugene Ch’ng, Prof. Simon See and Prof. Jon Garibaldi. I am interested with complex social networks, such as Twitter and Sina Weibo. Since the size of such social networks becomes extreme large whilst they evolve over time, we aim to explore the characteristics of underlying structure of such networks. As a result, an interactive exploration about visualisation of complex networks enable audiences to better understand the sophisticated social phenomenon.