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About GEO

Global Engagement Office (GEO) is dedicated to supporting the University's globalisation mission through UNNC global and postgraduate student recruitment, mobility, partnerships, and select support services. Our mission is to facilitate global learning, scholarships, and cross cultural engagement opportunities that help international and domestic students to achieve their individual educational and personal goals and that foster an appreciation for a culturally diverse learning environment in the larger University community.

The followings are managed through GEO:

  • Student recruitment; International and Chinese postgraduate

  • International partnerships development

  • Students and staff mobility

  • International student immigration & insurance

  • UNNC global summer programmes (high school and credit modules)


Student Sharing

1nadyaaNadyaa Azerin: Malaysian, International Relations with German

UNNC has the exact same system with Malaysia campus that make it vey easy for intercampus students to connect and catch up with the modules. University helps a lot to new students, we have been well received and arranged. Luckily I was awarded a scholarship from the local government as well. I am really excited about the life here.

2janJan Schweigert: German,Msc in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management

I really enjoyed my stay at UNNC. The whole campus looks really good in shape and in my opinion the University offers a lot for students. There are so many different sports facilities which are free to use. You can choose between different canteens or supermarkets and everything is just a short walk away.

3julieJulie Wu: Australian, International Business

Being part of UNNC allows me to capitalise upon opportunities that extend not only to academics but as far as sports, music and socialising. Through these activities I interact and make friends with those who come from diverse backgrounds. It is likely that you will see at least 50 nationalities every day.

4ralfRalf Arts: Dutch, Business Administration

UNNC is where East meets West, where you can get exposure to both. The professors here are top notch. It allows a freedom of ideas not present elsewhere and it allows you to meet people from so diverse nationalities. Everything here is just so fantastic.




Upcoming Events

Hong Kong Fair
Date: January 18 
Venue: Island School, 20 Borret Road, Mid Levels

Hong Kong Fair
Date: January 21- 22 
Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wai Chai

Indonesia Fair
Date: January 15- 22 
Venue: Tangerang, Semarang, Surabaya, Jakarta

Russia Fair
Date: February 17 - 18
Venue: Ekaterinburg