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China Life Cycle 6: Cycling for Education Equity


 Photographer: Jill Wei, cyclist, China Life Cycle 6 endurance ride team


Help us raise 1 million RMB to encourage education equity

Let's change lives in Ningbo and around the world.

China Life Cycle 6 Scholarships will support even more Paralympic athletes, young disabled people and students from disadvantaged families to study at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, and thereby change the future direction of their lives.

UNNC's Story

During 2016, two Paralympic table-tennis athletes - both awarded the Deng Yaping Scholarship - came to study at the University of Nottingham Ningbo, China.

It was the very first time that either of them had lived on a university campus. It was wonderful to witness these two young men grow in confidence and belief. There are now literally hundreds of avenues they can choose to go down in life.  However, these two lucky young men are the exception, as there are millions of students from disadvantage backgrounds that remain invisible.

In 2015, only around 8,500 disabled students attended universities throughout China.

3 million Chinese children are still unable to attend school due to extreme poverty.

Life Cycle inspires the magic of education.

Life Cycle respects the striving, brave and fearless spirit. We respect every individual who is less fortunate, needs a hand and refuses to simply accepting his or her fate.


Take part and you can make a difference

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Support our Provost and Life Cycle team as they ride 535 kilometers around Zhejiang province in June.

Support the UNNC Students Life Cycle team as they ride around Qinghai Lake.

Support the Life Cycle team





A fantastic gala for students, staff, alumni, parents and the community to enjoy! Fundraising events such as organic farming, sports competitions, public lectures, ceilidh dances and charity sales all help us to build a better world.

Fundraising tips and ideas

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Get on your bike and join a series of community rides!Any inquiries, we are here to help

Sign up now to take part in one of the most excited events in UNNC.




Education opportunities  

Deng Yaping Scholarship

China Life Cycle 6 is supported by the Deng Yaping Scholarship for disabled athletes.

Talented Chinese table tennis players can apply for a Deng Yaping sports scholarship, which grants the attend a truly British university, combined with performance sport opportunities across Europe.

To be considered for the award, students must satisfy various academic requirements of the University. More information here.

Life Cycle Scholarship

We encourage underprivileged students to apply for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, language training courses, skill enhancement courses and one of the various summer schools held at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China.


Paralympic champion Shuai Zhao studying with a UNNC English tutor




We need your support!

 It is never too late to make a better world! We appreciate all the support that help dreams come true.

1. Online donation

Support us simply by clicking here and follow the steps. Choose “第六届生命骑行运动 Life Cycle 6” in Donation Project. It is a bilingual webpage.

2.  Wechat donation

Scan the QR Code and follow UNNC-Foundation via Wechat. Support us by clicking or tapping “I want to donate”. Click Donation Project (捐款项目) and roll down to choose “中国生命骑行6 China Life Cycle 6”.



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