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Observation and Reflection: Feminists on Sina Weibo

DB-A06 (Lord Dearing Building)
18 November 2017 (14:00-15:30)

Giovanna Comerio

Dr Lily Yu


In her talk, dr Yaya Chen will focus on three main aspects of feminism on Sina Weibo. Firstly, she will discuss whether Sina is a favorable space for women to voice their opinions. Based on research findings, she will analyse characteristics of Sina, changes happened in recent years and the dominant voices. The presentation will then introduce and compare some influential Feminist ‘We Media’ as well as their activities. Finally, dr Chen will discuss the origins and development of Pastoral Feminism discourses while analysing the ‘battle’ between these feminists and the anti-feminists as well as of possible future development.

Dr Yaya Chen holds a PhD in Chinese Language and Literature from Fudan University. She is Deputy Secretary-General of the Gender & Development Center, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS). She is an expert of gender studies, and her research focusses in particular on single women, disabled women, Chinese feminists and LGBT. She led the project ‘Advocacy for Gender Equality in New Media Content and Usage’, one of the 5th projects of China Gender Fund (CGF).

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