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MSc Professional Accounting 


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The MSc Professional Accounting Programme at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China will equip students with advanced accounting skills, technical proficiency, and leadership traits sought by leading public accounting firms. The programme at UNNC will provide students with the experience of solving complex problems in unconventional settings to prepare them to make an immediate impact in public accounting.

Nottingham University Business School, Accounting firm BDO立信 and ICAEW come together to provide the MSc Professional Accounting Programme at UNNC. This programme has been designed to prepare students to develop into professional accountants and will benefit students by providing:

  • Two internships with BDO providing real-world grounding in best accounting practices
  • 7 ICAEW exam exemptions for foundation and professional levels
  • Job opportunity with BDO
  • After graduating from this degree and becoming a chartered accountant (ACA) you will also be entitled to relevant exemptions for the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CICPA) papers (Audit & Financial Cost Management). 

Applicants for this MSc must have demonstrated a basic knowledge in accounting either through the completion of Financial Accounting and Financial Reporting courses, or through passing the ICAEW examination in Accounting.


Students will be given the opportunity for two internment placement at BDO offices located in Ningbo.

As of 2016, BDO has member firms in 154 countries, employs around 64,000 partners and staff in over 1,400 offices, and is the fifth largest professional services network globally and in China.

Career options for this degree  

This degree offers opportunities in a variety of careers in Accountancy, Auditing, Business Development, Financial Advice, Investment Management, Marketing, Mergers and Acquisitions, Procurement, Research, Risk Assurance, and Tax Consultancy.

Programme Outline

The MSc Professional Accounting programme is a full-time, postgraduate degree studied over two years, including the opportunity to undertake a block of paid and assessed internship (placement) with a large international accounting firm.

The structure of the MSc Professional Accounting programme is modular, with individual modules each having a weighting of 20 credits. One credit represents 10 hours of student work, meaning that a 20 credit module represents 200 hours of study including formal teaching, independent study, revision, and the preparation of assessments. For teaching purposes the academic year is divided into two semesters (Autumn and Spring) that consists of 12 weeks of teaching, respectively, followed by periods of revision and examination assessment.  A degree requires the successful completion of 240 credits, 60 of which are taken at each semester.

Students spend a minimum of 9 weeks of internship (placement) each year with a large international accounting firm as an integral part of the programme (subject to assessment for Fitness to Practice). Students must attend and pass the assessments for both the Accounting Internship and Accounting Project modules to be awarded the MSc Professional Accounting.

More information is available on key facts about the delivery of the programme.

Programme structure

Students must complete 240 credits in total.

Year One modules

 Code   Title  Credits Taught
 P14A01  Assurance  20 Autumn
 P14A02  Principles of Taxation  20 Autumn
 P14A03  Financial Accounting and Reporting  20 Autumn
 P14A04  Audit and Assurance  20 Spring
 P14A05  Contemporary Issues in Accounting 1  20 Spring
 P14A06  Accounting Internship  20 Spring

Year Two modules

 Code  Title  Credits  Taught
 P14A07  Tax Compliance  20  Autumn
 P14A08  Business Planning: Taxation  20  Autumn
 P14A09  Contemporary Issues in Accounting 2  20  Autumn
 P14A10  Accounting Project  60  Spring


Additional Module Choice Information for PG II 

In the event that the student is unable to continue in year two with the same internship provider, the School will work with the student to find an alternative provider to give the student the opportunity to complete the internship requirements of the programme.

Additional Components

Module availability on modules is subject to timetabling and pre-requisite restrictions.

Information for current students

Registered students can access the MSc Professional Accounting Programme Specification for the current academic year.

(Please note that if you are not on the University campus, you will be required to enter your University username and password.)

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