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Alain Yee Loong Chong

Professor in Information Systems,
Faculty Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange,  , Nottingham University Business School China 


BSc (Hons) in Computer Science
MSc (Distinction) in E-Commerce
Doctor of Philosophy in IT Management





Dr. Alain Chong was born in London, England and grew up in England, Malaysia and Indonesia.  He is currently an Associate Professor in Information Systems and Faculty Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange at Nottingham University Business School (NUBS) China. Prior to joining University of Nottingham, Alain was a postdoctoral fellow at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  He was also an Associate Professor at INTI International University Malaysia, where among other responsibilities he helped the university to develop the Network and Mobile computing degree and was an academic lead of the Cisco Academy.  He was also the Director of International Relationships where his role includes developing collaborative projects with universities in the Laureate Education Group network. 

Alain has published over 100 articles and was a recipient of the 2012 Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Award conferred by Junior Chamber International.  He was also named as one of the Most Cited Chinese Researchers in 2015 by Elsevier Scopus database.   Alain is also the recipient of the Ningbo 3315 Individual Talent Scheme. He has received more than RMB 2 million funding for various research projects (E.g. HK General Research Fund, Royal Society, National Natural Fund of China, Malaysia Fundamental Research Grant Scheme etc.).  He is currently the editor of Industrial Management & Data Systems (SCI and ABS level 2) and Senior Editor of Decision Support Systems (ABS Level 3 and ABDC A*).  He serves or has served as an editorial board member (or equivalent) of International Journal of Mobile Communications, Online Information Review and Journal of Computer Information systems.

He reviews regularly for IS and OM journals such as Information Systems Research, Journal of Operations Management, International Journal of Production Economics, Information & Management, Journal of Strategic Information Systems etc.  Alain is (or was) also a visiting fellow or associate at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), Greenwich University (UK) and Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HK).  He was also an adjunct professor at Linton University College (Malaysia) and Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics. 



UG Programme – The Digital Economy

                              Computers in Human Behaviour

PG Programme - E-business

Executive Education – Big data, data analytics


Research Summary

My projects are mainly in the areas of information systems and operations management.  I have several projects underway, many of which are in collaborations with my doctoral students. 

1. Big data, electronic word of mouth and social media: Together with colleagues in computer science and my Phd students, we developed big data architecture that capture live social media contents to understand the formation of online community in social media, as well as social media and eWOM’s implications to businesses (e.g. branding, negative word of mouth) and society (e.g. terrorism, elections). 

2. Online reviews and decisions making: We are capturing online data such as review sentiments and use them to predict sales performances.  My doctoral student (Shasha Teng) also worked extensively on how different attributes of online reviews can influence users’ online behaviour.

3. Green Supply Chain Management: I work closely with my PhD supervisor (Prof Keng Boon Ooi) and his students, and colleague (Dr. Martin Liu) to examine the antecedents of GSCM implementations from both organizations and consumers’ perspectives, and their outcomes. 

4. Information systems acceptance: I am working on the factors that influence the acceptance of new information systems, with a keen interest in e-logistic standards.  I have several funding (e.g. NSFC and HK GRF) which support work in this area.




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Balaji, M.S., Khong, K.W. and Chong, A.Y.L., 2016. Determinants of negative word-of-mouth communication using social networking sites. Information & Management.

Hu, N., Dow, K.E., Chong, A.Y.L. and Liu, L., 2016. Double learning or double blinding: an investigation of vendor private information acquisition and consumer learning via online reviews. Annals of Operations Research, pp.1-22. 

Lacka, E. and Chong, A., 2016. Usability perspective on social media sites' adoption in the B2B context. Industrial Marketing Management54, pp.80-91. 

Teng, S., Khong, K.W., Chong, A.Y.L. and Lin, B., 2016. Examining the Impacts of Electronic Word-of-Mouth Message on Consumers’ Attitude. Journal of Computer Information Systems, pp.1-14. 

Chong, A.Y.L., Ch’ng, E., Liu, M.J. and Li, B., 2015. Predicting consumer product demands via Big Data: the roles of online promotional marketing and online reviews. International Journal of Production Research, pp.1-15. 

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