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 Would you like give your time to help inspire, share your knowledge and stories with our students and staff or mentor our budding entrepreneurs? We have a range of opportunities whether you have 30 minutes or want a more long term commitment, whether you are at home or at work, or if you can come to the University of Nottingham Ningbo China or live across the world. There is something to suit everyone and your support will make a huge difference.

Find an Opportunity  

Chapter Ambassador 2

Chapter Ambassador


 eMentoring Opportunity

international recruitment

Recruitment Volunteer (International Alumni Speaker)




Social Media (WeChat subgroup) Volunteer

Leadership Industry speaker

Leadership Industry Speaker

Event Organiser

Event Organizer



Why volunteer?

Giving your time to The University of Nottingham is a great way to learn new skills, get more involved in the University and meet alumni. Whether you can offer 30 minutes or 30 hours, your time will make a positive difference. 

A rewarding experience

  • Develop your skills and enhance your CV

  • Receive training and development opportunities

  • Boost your personal and professional development

  • Network with alumni globally and reconnect with the University 

Make an impact

  • Share your skills, experience and advice
  • Inspire others 

  • Help students, staff and researchers to reach their full potential

  • Be part of influential research and make a global impact

Alumni Volunteer Awards 2017

Alumni Volunteer Awards

   In order to give a formal thank you to those alumni who invested

   their time on sharing their skills, passion, and knowledge for UNNC,

   and better support to the University relevant departments, the Alumni

   Relations has set up an official award: "Alumni Volunteer Awards 

   2017"at UNNC to those alumni volunteers who have made a tremendous

   difference to the University and the community in which it is embedded.



Contact details

For any further enquiries about Alumni Volunteer Program, please contact:

Alumni Relations Office

Address: Trent Building 226

199 Taikang East Road,

Ningbo, 315010, China


WeChat: NAAN08


Welcome to Join us on Wechat.


Wechat service platform: NAAN08


Wechat:  NAAN07